I bought my home from Towerview Construction (Will Gray) in 2007. The home is built well and met all my expectations of my dream home. Will Gray has always been very helpful and dependable when I needed something done to my home. Examples: adding a third garage, enlarging the back deck, and finishing the bonus room upstairs. He works in a timely manner and always very professional. I would highly recommend Will as a builder.

-Amos Gainey

Towerview Homes built my house in downtown St. Marys last year. I judge a contractor by three criteria: (1) honesty and integrity, (2) skill and (3) doing what was promised. Towerview Homes through its principal, Will Gray, excelled in all three criteria and actually went the extra mile. Will’s skill was apparent. My house was built with the finest of materials and skillful labor. Will does not cut corners. I love the house. It turned out exactly as I had hoped. Will not only did what he promised, he added little touches that were not in the contract that added to the beauty and utility of the house. Finally, I learned to trust Will’s honesty and integrity. He does not lie or cheat in any way. I would trust him completely in any construction endeavor. I recommend him highly.

-Boyd Lemon

We had been looking for a custom home for almost 2 years when we were introduced to Will Gray. Will suggested that we meet him at a home that was not completed so that he could “show us” how he builds a custom home and not just “tell us.” His method to illustrate his craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail was impressive. Following a tour of a finished custom home he had recently completed we were convinced that we would only be content purchasing a home he had built either previously or to have him construct one for us.

That level of pride, fused with his personal integrity, is rare in today’s competitive home building market, and it made us solid believers in his work and more importantly in him.

Luckily for us soon after we came to that initial meeting we were notified that a custom home he had recently built was about to be placed on the market. Will offered to go through the house with us and provide details on the construction and answer any questions we had. The home appraiser was so impressed that he repeatedly pointed out the craftsmanship and quality of materials used in construction stating that it was rare to see that level of quality in new constructions. It was very clear even before we bought the home that Will stands behind his work 100% and that he views it is a direct reflection upon his self.

Although we were not the first owners of the house Will’s attentiveness to our concerns and professionalism has made us feel that we are. He has maintained contact with us and is always available to answer any question we have on proper maintenance ...

-Charley & Anita

I am writing to recommend Will Gray as a contractor. In the last ten years, Will Gray, has built 2 homes for me. The quality of his construction has been superior to that of other comparable builders in the Chatham and Lee county area.

I currently reside in one of his homes and I remain totally satisfied with the quality of his work and materials. On a personal note he has remained sensitive to my request and responsive to my concerns. Therefore, I recommend Will Gray without reservation.

-Delinda Cannada

Dave and I want to thank you very much for all you did to get our house completed. We certainly grew together and while we were your very first customer in Saint Marys, both Dave and I are truly pleased with the outcome of our house. We were totally amazed on your skill and knowledge in building homes. You could see an imperfection just by looking and immediately ensured it was fixed. Whenever we wanted to change something you were always open to discussing it with us and I don’t think there was anything you didn’t change for us.

We are so pleased with some of your finishing touches from trim work to closets you are truly a professional and provide a quality product. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a builder.

Dave and I plan on being in Saint Marys for a very long time especially with our two precious grandchildren. Thanks for doing such a great job on our home and ensuring that it was structurally sound.

Remember, you will not only be our builder, but you and Kelly will be friends forever. Take good care of that precious little girl!!!

-Diane and Dave Costa

I first met Will Gray in 2001 while I was in final stages of renovating a two story theater into a 24,000 sq ft three story office building in Charlottesville, Va.

I was facing a significant penalty if the job was not completed on time. Unfortunately, my painting contractor walked from the job. Will was able to step in and complete the interior painting and some exterior painting allowing me to meet my deadline. Equally importantly, Will was able to help diffuse a tense situation by building rapport with my tenants. Thanks in part to Will’s efforts, I have the same tenants almost 15 years later.

When hurricane Katrina arrived in 2004, my coastal property located on the confluence of the Mobjack bay and East River on the middle peninsula of Virginia sustained severe damage. Again Will stepped in taking down over 20 trees and made repairs to the road as well as the cottage. Since I was so pleased with the job Will did, I decided to give him an elective assignment and send him up to Cape Cod to paint two antique family homes dating back to 18th and 19th century.

Will did an incredible job at a fraction the cost of local labor. I also learned for the first time of Will’s entrepreneurial abilities. Although I had vacationed in Cape Cod for almost 50 consecutive summers when Will painted the two homes, Will was able to network with the local fisherman community and find lobster at better price than I could!

My relationship with Will continues as we partner to build out Boca Estates.

-Dr. James Larner

I wanted to drop a thank you note. I am delighted with the results of what you pulled together for my family. You finished our home approximately six months ahead of schedule and the work you put into the finished product is outstanding.

We’ve lived in our home for four ½ months now and the house is perfectly sealed. We are warm and not a sound is heard from the outside. I’ve never lived in a home like this. I never once lost sleep wondering if you were completing each segment on time or cutting corners because you did just what you agreed to do and then some.

From the hand-built foundation (I prayed for you every day while you were doing the placing of the cement blocks), to custom closets, to custom fireplace mantel, to the steel beam across the top of our garage, and above all the exemplary work ethic shown through everything you did for us; we are eternally grateful to you. We have recommended your services to friends and family and will continue to do so because you provide a quality product.

-Nancy D. Dunlap

Mr. Gray built our first home in 2006, and have been very pleased with our home over the years. It is a solid, well-built home and was built at a very reasonable price. Mr. Gray has also been very gracious and helpful over the years in helping us with adding and upgrading portions of our home and property over the years, as well as assisting us in repairs well after his obligation of the 1 year time frame. He is an exceptional & honest builder, and we are delighted to also be able to call him a true friend. Mr. Gray has portrayed the essence of what a builder/contractor should be for his home owners, and we highly recommend him and Tower View Construction/Tower View Homes to anyone who is seeking a quality, affordable builder/contractor who takes pride in his work, and not only cares about the homes which he builds, but also the home owner.

-Wes & Tricia Underwood